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    Window Mobile Device Center

    I got my i760 today, I have not been able to synch it with with Vista Mobile Device Center. Can anyone help. Also, Does anyone notice that when you place the talk button, the keyboard slides out.
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    A couple of things.


    Try going to start ->settings->connections->USB to PC

    Uncheck/Check the "Enable advanced network functionality"

    This will change the model from USB to pseudo-serial and vise-versa


    Try updating the WMDC


    Download the new version of the wireless connection thing on the phone


    Try turning off all of the wireless connections (bluetooth, phone, wifi) and leaving the phone alone


    Make the phone timeout after a while, not ten seconds. It seems like, on first sync, the phone will disconnect from the computer if the screen turns off.


    Try a hard reset. This should be the first thing one should do when they get the phone anyway. You never know what happened to it before you got it. You do it by pressing the reset and action button (in the middle of the four way pointer) at the same time. Then release the reset. Then release the action button.


    Call Verizon. They have an awesome tech support that will at least try to help you. If they cant help then they will send you to Samsung.

    Hope that helps

    <oh, and Newton could have told you that, when you press on the send button while only holding the battery portion of the phone, this phone would open>

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    Thank You

    I took your suggestions and the first one solved the problem. FYI, when I took my computer and i760 to the Verizon store they had no clue. No one had even seen one. Second they went and checked and told me I would not be able to Synch with Vista. Then I called tech support and they said it could synch. The guy got a vista computer and an i760, but could not get it to work...so then he called Samsung, but they were closed and said I should plan to call Samsung on Monday....Then I posted to the forum, and now it works. Thanks
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