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Thread: Remote Desktop

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    Remote Desktop

    I am so frustrated with the remote desktop app on my vzw i910. I have searched and searched and searched and I am having a ton of trouble. Ive been reading about peoples problems and solutions with other devices (the diamond mainly) and their fixes dont seem to help me much. Heres what I got...

    Windows Vista (32bit)
    my network is connected through a netgear wireless-n.

    I have read some step by steps and I believe I followed them properly but most where pretty complicated. Can anyone give me some dummy proof guidance/help, or at least a link to somewhere that already has it layed out?

    Thanks in advance for any help


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    It's not an issue with the phone. It sounds like you haven't used Remote Desktop before in general so hopefully you have the workstation enabled for Remote Desktop in the first place. Once that is enabled, do a few google searches on using remote desktop with a router and Vista. If you are trying to remote into your Vista machine from your phone while connected to Verizon's data network, you are going to have to configure your router with Port Forwarding or NATing.

    I would suggest connecting your phone via Wifi to the same router your Vista machine is on and making sure a remote desktop connection can be made. If it doesn't work on the same network, It will never work via the internet.

    There is a ton of documentation out there on troubleshooting Remote Desktop connections. Just make sure you look up the docs pertaining to Vista. There are more options to configure with Remote Desktop on Vista than on XP.

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    If your version of Vista isn't Ultimate or Business then remote desktop won't be available. If you have Home Premium you can enable it by following the directions here: Enable Remote Desktop Connection on Vista Home Premium — frans goes blog

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    You may want to consider an alternative solution such as LogMeIn.

    I use the free version as long distance support for my parents' machine so I don't have to make the drive when something goes wrong. The free version is quite comprehensive and gives you control of your machine(s) from any internet connection. I was skeptic about this working with my XV6800 at first but after installing a small plugin, I was connected and was even given the option to squeeze the desktop onto the small screen of the 6800 which is quite nice for mundane tasks, but if you need to read you'll want to zoom in.

    Anyway, just an option. I quite like it myself and if you're stressing out about configuring RDP properly, this presents a worry free solution.

    I hope this helps.

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